Workshops and Tutorials

Advanced Routing with RPKI


Date: Monday 8 April 2024 through to Wednesday 10 April 2024

Cost: $150

This workshop will look at at current tools/techniques, how RPKI is just a piece in the puzzle, and what we should all do to secure Internet routing. We will also explore BGP mulithoming techniques for networks looking to peer at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) or have multi-provider connectivity

IPv6 Deployment


Date: Wednesday 10 April 2024 - Full Day

Cost: $50

Details to come shortly.

LoRaWAN Training


Date: Wednesday 10 April 2024 - Full Day

Cost: $450

This is your opportunity to learn about LoRaWAN and how it can help you improve efficiencies across the board. Come and see what all the hype is about! In this introduction we will cover the absolute fundamentals of using LoRaWAN. Includes practical hands on training. Cost covers a complete LoRaWAN starter kit.