NZNOG is the New Zealand Network Operators’ Group – an online community of network operators, predominantly in the Internet and Online Services area.

NZNOG has no king, president, or formal membership. It consists of the subscribers to the NZNOG mailing list. The group is intended to facilitate discussion among operators of networks in New Zealand on matters relevant to network operators.

Annual Conference

Our annual conference provides both an opportunity to exchange technical information, and a high-value opportunity for NZ’s networking staff to ‘network’ amongst themselves. This is New Zealand’s only technical networking conference.

NZNOG Conference 2024 was held in Nelson.

The NZNOG Conference 2023 was held in Rotorua.

The NZNOG Conference 2022 was held in Wellington.

We held no NZNOG in 2021 due to Covid-19.

The NZNOG Conference 2020 was held in Christchurch.

The NZNOG Conference 2019 was held in Napier.

Mailing List

The NZNOG mailing list is NZNOG. NZNOG is the mailing list. Given this definition it isn’t surprising that many threads are circular. The NZNOG mailing list is intended for the discussion of technical issues relating to networking in New Zealand.

More details on the list can be found on the Mailing List page.

Network Operators’ Contact List

Operational contact details for most New Zealand ISP’s are located on the NOC List page. These are intended for use by other network operators, not by most customers.

Internet Exchanges