NOTE: This page is now obsolete

NZNOG 2022 Postponed

With New Zealand moving to the Red setting in the COVID-19 Protection Framework, NZNOG 2022 cannot proceed on Jan 26-28 2022 and is postponed until May. 

This is a scenario we planned for and communicated with our venues, sponsors, etc. all through the conference organisation process.

NZNOG 2022 is now booked for the 18th through 20th of May 2022. Tutorials are scheduled to run on the 18th, and the main conference on the 19th and 20th.

The venue for the conference will still be the InterContinental Wellington.


We have an excellent programme put together. We intend to run the same programme at the new dates, with as few changes as possible.


These will be postponed along with the conference.


All the funds for tickets are held with Lil Regie, our booking provider.

With the conference being postponed, you do not need to refund your ticket. However, if you wish to do so we will of course process the refund through Lil Regie. If you wish to do this, please email and we will put it through.

To be clear, if you wish to attend the rescheduled conference you do not need to do anything in regards to your conference ticket.


Accommodation booked with the Intercontinental under the NZNOG deal (before December 11, using the link on the NZNOG website) can be moved for free, or refunded.

If you have booked accommodation outside of that (either with the InterContinental, or other hotels) you may still be eligible for a refund or postponement given the Red setting. Please check your booking details.

We apologise if you are unable to change or get a refund for your accommodation but we believe this is the best decision for the safety of everyone.


If you are a speaker, firstly, thank you very much for putting yourself forward, and spending time to prepare your talks. As noted we intend to run the same excellent programme, and we will be in touch with you to confirm your talks closer to the new event dates.

COVID-19 Conditions:

If it is not possible to run the conference in May, the Trustees have the option of postponing again or cancelling altogether. If the event is cancelled all attendee fees will be refunded.

Key factors impacting our decision:

  • We have more than 100 attendees (the upper limit for events at Red), both for the conference, and the Thursday night dinner. Currently we have 130 people registered for the conference.
  • The NZNOG Trustees do not want to risk this becoming a super-spreader event, which would have a large impact on our community and damage the reputation of the NZNOG Conference.
  • NZNOG relies heavily on sponsors to run the conference and keep it as affordable as it is. NZNOG 2022 sponsors are expecting a conference of more than 100 attendees, and our sponsorship document tells them that we will postpone if we are unable to run the conference at the intended dates due to COVID-19.
  • NZNOG has excellent technical content, but a huge part of the conference is the social aspect. We believe that the community is much better served by waiting a few months and running NZNOG the way we are used to.