Announcement 15 October 2020

The NZNOG Trust has unfortunately had to postpone and potentially cancel the NZNOG Conference that under normal conditions would be held at the end of January 2021. Although the latest CoVID outbreaks appear to be over and we are all back to level 1, there are still some big uncertainties that make the event too risky.

  • Another outbreak is still possible that may result in travel and group limitations. Although we could schedule the meeting somewhere less likely to have an outbreak than Auckland we are reliant on Aucklanders attending so that would not help.

  • NZNOG is quite dependent on international input for both Sponsorship and Speakers. At present it is not possible to get overseas speakers in to the country, which traditionally is more than 50% of our program. Sponsors are also doubtful, and that is more than 50% of our income for the conference.

We are still working on options to hold an NZNOG Conference in 2021. Later this year or early next we will consider an event around May/June 2021. Another option may be mini events for all or part of a day for smaller numbers of people. We are not considering a virtual event as there doesn’t seem to be anything we can offer different to APNIC or other virtual event hosts.