These are the details we have on hands on talks that have already been accepted in to the NZNOG 2020 Programme.

A full schedule will be published closer to the date of the conference.

Additional talks / speakers will be added to this list as and when we accept them.

Please note that any details published below are subject to change.

Speaker Affiliation Title
 Geoff Huston  APNIC   Buffers, Bufferbloat and BBR
 Geoff Huston  APNIC  DOH and the changing nature of the DNS as infrastructure
 Richard Bayliss  Arista  The Risks and Opportunities of Future Network Architectures
 Aleksandr Karavanin  Cisco  Network OS programmability and Smart Assistants
 Paul Vixie  Farsight Security Inc.  DNS Wars: Episode IV – A New Bypass
 Andrew Khoo    DNS64/NAT64 deployment
   Chorus  10G XGSPON
 Beatty Lane Davis  Cisco  Submarine cable optics
 Thomas Weible  Flexoptic  The complexity of hyper speed transceivers - lets make it
 Daniel Millar  Go Wireless NZ / Merp NZ  So you want to start a Wireless ISP?
 Gavin Tweedie  Megaport  Megaport Update
 Tanveer Hamdani  Cisco  The tool kit for salutary network: The SR Tool Kit
 Nathan Ward  NZIX  AKL-IX 100G ring upgrade
 Jon Brewer  Telco2 Ltd  Microwave and mmWave Wireless
   Chorus  Congestion Free Network
   APNIC  APNIC Update
   NZIX  Various updates
   NCSC / GCSB  
 Shane Alcock  WAND  OpenLI Update