Thursday Jan 31, 2019

When Who What
0800   Registration
0900   Opening
0915 Claudiu Captari Service Provider Innovation with Segment Routing, VXLAN and eVPN
0945 Richard Wade Automating Segment Routing Traffic Engineering
1030   Morning tea
1100 Tim Obezuk Internet noise (a story about two little subnets)
1130 Jordan Carter InternetNZ Update
1145 Campbell Fraser (Spark)
Daryl Collins (Akamai)
RWC Streaming
1230   Lunch
1330 Walt Wollny Peering Security
1400 Vijay Sivaraman Scalable and Flexible Network Functions using SDN White-Boxes
1430 Brad Cowie FAUCET deployment at Supercomputing 18
1500   Afternoon tea
1530 Jose Leitao Building your own Network Fault Finding System (FFS) with OpenSource tools
1600 Brendon Jones AMP Active Measurement
1630 Thomas Weible 400G - don’t get confused with this transceiver generation & IEEE 802.3bs
1700   Close
1800   Dinner busses depart Napier Conference Center
2200   Dinner bus #1 returns
2230   Dinner bus #2 returns
2300   Dinner bus #3 returns

Friday Feb 1, 2019

When Who What
0800   Registration
0900 Tim Raphael
Joe Wooller
Peering analytics and NZIX updates
0930 Sebastian Castro DNS Flag Day
1000 Daniel Griggs DNS Security and Privacy
1030   Morning tea
1100 Marek Denis Building a scalable network event executor (GOAR)
1130 Tony Scheid Withstanding the Infinite: DDoS Defense in the Terabit Era
1145 Geoff Huston The State of Routing (In)Security
1230   Lunch
1330 Elly Tawhai
Sofia Silva Berenguer
APNIC Updates
1400 Daniel Ephraty Gigabit to the Home – 5G Fixed Wireless Access in mmWave
1430 Khay Kid Chow How to Get Your Network Ready for 5G
1500   Afternoon tea
1530 Egor Krivosheev Architecting Network Automation
1600 Shane Alcock OpenLI Update
1615 Neil Tapp (Police)
Steve Martin (GCSB/NCSC)
Police and NCSC Update
1630   Lightning Talks
1700   Close