Past Topics

Thanks to Richard Naylor and R2 for the videos over the years...


BGP- The Movie George Michaelson, APNIC
Internet Resource Policy-Why Should I Care? Nurani Nimpuno, APNIC
DNSSEC-the 50% solution Bill Manning, ISI
Internet Background Radiation Dean Pemberton, TelstraClear/VUW
Ultra Wide Band Developments Chris Perera, MED
Wireless Projects and the Real World Issues Around Them Justin Wells, Tasman Solutions
Routing Protocols for Multi-Hop Wireless Jonathan Brewer, Araneo
Identifying IPv6 Network Problems in a Dual-Stack World Matthew Luckie, WAND
Measuring the New Zealand Internet WAND
Economic Trends in Internet Exchanges Bill Woodcock, PCH
The Peering Game Bill Norton, Equinix
Lightning Talks Folks
A Short History of Peering in New Zealand Joe Abley, ISC
Asia Pacific Peering Ecosystems Bill Norton, Equinix
Peering Panel & CityLink Update Joe Abley, ISC, Andy Linton, CityLink,
Bill Norton, Equinix and Bill Woodcock, PCH
10GB Abilene Backbone Monitoring Joerg Micheel, NLANR
WAND Research Updates WAND
The INOC-DBA Hotline Phone System Bill Woodcock, PCH
Exim as an anti-spam tool Philip Hazel



Building Global Content-Distribution Networks Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House
The Economics of Peering Richard Hulse, Radio New Zealand
Peering-The Customer Perspective Hamish MacEwan
Welcome to The Loop Geoff Scrimgeour, The Loop
NearlyNets-Effective Networks for Pacific Island Nations Jonny Martin, CityLink
Content Switching in the Data Centre Matthew Mole, Foundry Networks
Scaling Beyond 10GB Mike Hughes, London Internet Exchange
10GB Networking at TelstraClear Joerg Micheel, TelstraClear
InternetNZ Update Colin Jackson, InternetNZ
Market Structrue and Internet Growth Tom Vest, CAIDA
Local Loop Unbundling Panel David Diprose, Jonny Martin and Tom Vest, Equinix
Lightning Talks Folks
APNIC Update Nurani Nimpuno, APNIC
Bridging the Gap Between Support and the NOC Mark Foster, NZ Defence Force
Layer Three Tunnels for Broadband Delivery Jonathan Brewer, Araneo
Internet Background Radiation Dean Pemberton, Victoria University
TCP Congestion Control Ian McDonald, WAND
DNSSEC Deployment Steve Crocker, Shinkuro/ICANN
Leading Edge Protocol Development Mark Williams, Juniper
Real Time Services Over a Carrier Network Chang & Singh, Broadcast Communications Ltd
Traffic Engineering Decisions in a Large IP Network Chris Lijenstolpe, Alcatel
BGP Flow Specification Update David Lambert, Juniper


From routers to Unix-shell tips for the network admin Martin Kealey.
Asterisk by Example... Doing useful VoIP things Jonny Martin 
42 hosts in 1U - Using virtual machines Ewen McNeill
DNS registration services, and the 2LD Sam Sargeant
Configuration Automation using CFengine Matt Brown
Using Debian packages for system administration Andrew McMillan
Mail debugging - how to talk to SMTP, POP & IMAP servers Martin Kealey
The Internet Dean Pemberton
WAND Group update Jamie
VoIP James Jones
IDS/IPS Gerard Creamer
Network Control Planes AJ
Policy and General Update APNIC
Fibre Roll out James Watts
Citylink Update Simon Blake
REANNZ/KAREN Joerg Micheel
? Tom Vest
FX Network Roger de Salis
lightning talks ?
AS Path Analysis Gaurab Upadhaya
APNIC Workflow Robert Loomins
update Internet NZ
Streaming Richard Naylor
NZ Internet History Panel
Spam Simon Howard
Accessing Content in Today's Broadband World Ian Quinn (Juniper)


Beyond 10Gbps Jonny Martin
KAREN Update Bill Choquette
IPv6 Update Alastair Johnson
IPv6 Deployment Nathan Ward
Network EVent Detection with T-Entropy Raimund Eimann
Distributed IDS/IPS Gerard Creamer
Telecommunications Intercept Capability Act Dean Pemberton
Decline and Fall of the Routing System Bill Manning
BGP Deaggregation Report Philip Smith
Internet Futures Geoff Huston
PANEL OMG ! IPv4 Runout
IP Video/IPTV Deployment Greg Sheperd
Multicast in MPLS Networks Patrick Jordan-Smith
Distributed Traffic Filtering Robert Raszuk
WPAD and your Network Beau Butler
Tool and Script Making for Monitoring the Tubes Michael Jager
IPFIX Flow Measurements Shane Alcock
CityLink Update Rex Lovelock
APNIC Policy Update Elly Tawhai
InternetNZ Peering/Copyright/Opsep Keith Davidson
The Underground Economy Ryan Connelly


NZNOG Year in Review Jonny Martin, Dean Pemberton
National Library Web Harvesting Gordon Paynter
Applications of Resource Certifications Robert Loomans
BGP for resilient Services Gerard Creamer
4-Byte ASN James Spenceley
DNS Security Sam Sargent
V4/V6 Translation Methods Bill Manning
Practicalities of the v6 transition era Beatty Lane-Davis
IPV6 in NZ Nathan Ward
IPV6 Lightning Talks various
Multinational networking in the NZDF Mark Foster
IANA and DNSSec Richard Lamb
Lightning Talks Various
QoS Patrick Jordan-Smith
What Lightwire tells us Donald Neal
Designing networks for high availability Paresh Khatri
A view into online badness Marcel van den Berg
WAND Research the WAND Guys
APNIC Policy Update Elly Tawhai
InternetNZ Update Keith Davidson
Biggish Networks Richard Naylor
Renumbering Still Needs Work Brian Carpenter
NZNOG Conference Futures Neil Fenemor, Dean Pemberton, Jonny Martin
National Broadband Map Jamie Horrell
Multi-Topology Routing (MTR) Truman D. Boyes


Planning the New Zealand Web Harvest 2010 Gordon Paynter-Digitisation Programme Manager, National Library of New Zealand
WAND Group Updates WANDerers
What will you do when the vacuum cleaner turns into a sucker truck? Shane Hobson, Velocity Networks
The Emergence of the Video Internet Peering Ecosystem William B. Norton-Founder,
The next three years. What are ISPs that want to continue to grow going to do? Philip Smith-CTO Consulting Engineer, Cisco
Do your fruit hang low? Adam Boileau-VP of Bit Banging, Kiwicon
New Zealand Internet Task Force Paul McKitrick-
How to build a router in these tough and difficult economic times. Jamie Curtis,Perry Lorier- WAND Network Research Group
Secure BGP Geoff Huston- Chief Scientist, APNIC
ISP Scenarios for IPv6 Deployment Brian E. Carpenter-Professor, Auckland University
Rapid IPv6 Deployment for Small-Medium ISP Networks Skeeve Stevens-CEO / Technical Director, eintellego Pty Ltd,Kurt Bales-Operations Manager, eintellego Pty Ltd
Building a data centre for under $1m Gerard Creamer-Managing Director, Netspace Services Ltd
Signing the root Joe Abley-Director DNS Group, ICANN
ENUM, potentially Jay Daley-Chief Executive, .nz Registry Services
DITL - A Day in The Life of the Internet experiment Sebastian Castro-DNS Specialist, .nz Registry Services
Internet NZ update Jordan Carter-Policy Director, Internet NZ
Regional Internet Registry Update Elly Tawhai-Senior Internet Resource Analyst, APNIC
RIPE Labs - Tools and News for Operators George Michaelson-Senior Research and Development Officer, APNIC (speaking on behalf of RIPE NCC).
IPv6 flow chart Nathan Ward-Consultant, Braintrust
More bits for less bucks - metro WDM for the fiscally prudent Simon Blake-CTO, CityLink
Monkeying Around on the APE Mike Jager-Senior Network Engineer, Web Drive


100GE Chris Bull, Brocade
Lightning Talks Various
New Zealand Radio Spectrum Overview Jon Brewer, Telco2
Gerard's Power Bill Gerard Creamer
IPV6 Readiness for Services Providers and Enterprises Skeeve Stevens, eIntelligo
Mystery Talk Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
IPv6 Transition Technologies Nathan Ward, Braintrust
Developing the Fringe Routing Protocol Don Stokes and Deb Shepherd, Knossos Networks
IPv6 Only Brian Carpenter, University of Auckland
Improving the Quality of Event Log Messaging Paul Radford, VUW
Peering in NZ-A Global Perspective Mike Hughes
Data Centre 3.0 Kurt Bales, eIntellego
IXPs, Peering and Local Internet Growth Bill Woodcock, PCH
Building a New Submarine Cable System John Humphrey, Pacific Fibre
CityLink Update John Heard, Citylink
IPv4 and IPv6 Dark Traffic Geoff Huston, APNIC
Pacific-IX McDonald Richards, Vocus
IPv4 and IPv6 Dark Traffic George Michaelson, APNIC
WAND Update Shane Alcock, Matthew Luckie
APNIC Update Elly Tawhai, APNIC
UFB Architecture Kurt Rodgers, Alcatel Lucent
Living in a DNSSEC Enabled World Jim Martin, ISC
InternetNZ Update Richard Wood
George Michaelson APNIC
FTTH in 2011 Shane Hobson, Velocity Networks
IPv6 Experience Simon Paterson, Woosh Wireless


Software Defined Networking, OpenFlow, and how to make an OpenFlow Router Josh Bailey (Google)
Lies, Damn Lies and ARP Replies Don Stokes (Knossos Networks Limited)
Have you secured your IPv6 Nelson Da Silva (Fortinet)
Migration from OSPF to ISIS Philip Smith (APNIC)
The state of the IPv6 global Internet Martin J. Levy (Hurricane Electric)
Digi who? (DNS security) Geoff Huston (APNIC)
ValiDNS Phil Regnauld (NSRC)
Something of Interest Andy Linton
Wobbly Wireless Wisdom-what a UMTS network saw during the Christchurch earthquake. Jed Laundry (Alcatel-Lucent)
360 Degrees of Customer Service Nick Wilcox (Netmania UK)
Earthquakes kc Claffy
Moving the cost of Crypto Bill Manning (Free Agent)
On the Performance of Rate Adaptation Algorithms with MikroTik Routers in IEEE 802.11g Networks Dong Xia (Student)
All your Waves are belong to us Jonathan Brewer
The World of an LFC Shane Hobson
Ultrafast Broadband- Broadcast TV distribution options David Awatere, Crown Fibre Holdings
State of the IX Andy Linton
WAND updates WAND
What's Going on with Ethernet? Greg Hankins (Brocade)
APNIC update Elly Tawhai
InternetNZ update, Vikram Kumar
APRICOT update, Keith Davidson
IPv6 Taskforce update Donald Clark


DNSSEC George Michaelson
RBI Update Andrew McDonald
GeoNet: 1pps to 10,000 hits/second Ewen McNeill
Zero Rating Alistair Johnson
SDN Accelerating the pace of evolution in packet and transport networks. Beatty Lane-Davis
Thimble Sam Russell
Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow update David W
perfSONAR David Brownlie
IPV6 Update George Michaelson
Net-Dot Phil Regnauld
On Being a Wireless ISP Stewart Fleming
Capacity Contraints David Skinner
UFB oneYear in ScottBartlett
UFB Realities Donald Love
WAND Update Richard Nelson
APNIC Update Elly Tawhai
NZRS Update Sebastian Castro
InternetNZ Update Susan Chalmers


APNIC update Elly Tawhai
Barry Brailey (DNC) .nz DNSSEC programme Barry Brailley
Beatty Lane-Davis (Cyan) - SDN & NFV Beatty Lane-Davis
Geoff Huston (APNIC) - Measuring DNSSEC Geoff Huston
Gerard Creamer (Netspace) - Experiences with dual A records vs anycasting Gerard Creamer
InternetNZ update Susan?
NZIX2/Citylink SDN Jamie Baddeley
Jan Zorz (ISOC) BCOP Project Jan Zorz
Introduction to TRILL Jean-Sébastien Fontana (Extreme Networks)
Lightning Talks Thunderous Applause
RPKI Michael Fincham
NCSC - TICSA overview NCSC Representative
Under the hood of Chorus Layer 2 UFB products Peter Coleman (Chorus)
5GHz Wireless Links Peter Gent (MBIE)
IPv6 deployment in the cloud Quintin Russ (SiteHost)
REANNZ - Powering science at 100Gbps Charles Yun
REANNZ - Powering science at 100Gbps (Sam) Sam Russell
State of Danger Roland Dobbins (Arbor)
Building a better Skype with WebRTC, SIP, and ENUM Sam Russell (REANNZ)
NZ Perspectives from a global CDN Tom Paseka (CloudFlare)
WAND update Someone
Videos for the 2 days are here


100G to a hotel room in Queenstown Jamie Curtis
APNIC Update Paul Wilson
Co-ordinated Disclosure Guidelines Barry Braily
Connect Smart Sebastian Bishop
DDOS Mitigation Martin Levy
EDNS0 Client-Subnet for DNS Based CDN Bob Lau
Fair Queuing, AQM, and ECN Dave Taht
Internet Exchange updates: AKL-IX, Citylink, Megaport (order TBD)
Lightning Talks Thunderous Applause
Networking the Pacific Islands Jonathan Brewer
Practical Deployments of Carrier-Class Virtual Routers Tim Nagy
The rough edges of counting George Michaelson
TICSA Registrar Martinus Laagland
TICSA Updates Mike Seddon
WAND Updates Primary WAND waver
We need to talk about your RGW problem Jed Laundry
Whats so special about the number 512? Geoff Huston


Satellite Tech Jonathan Brewer
Spectrum management Peter Gent
Scaling a WISP Murray Pearson
Web Harvest Jay Gattuso
Lightning Talks Folks
ANSIBLE Egor Krivosheev
Twitter Scaling Tim Hoffman
SmartOps Dylan Chidgey
APNIC update Elly Tawhai
Why Dane? Geoff Huston
Southbound APIs Boye Olowoyeye
Internet NZ Andrew Cushen
GPON, How is it going? Peter Ensor
Kotahi Net Vikram Kumar
Spoofer/ BCP38 Matthew Luckie
State of the nz IX Tim Hoffman
IX updates Megaport and NZIX/AKLIX
CERT NZ Declan Ingram
TICSA (NCSC) Mike Seddon
TICSA (Police) Marty Laagland
Sneaking past the firewall Shane Alcock
Topology Map Sebastian Castro
NZITF Barry Brailey
Are we DDoSed Yet? Michael Fincham
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