Conference sneak peek

We realise that at NZNOGs the conference programme is often published very late and this can cause issues with getting approval for attending. Whilst the 2017 programme is still being worked on, this page is an indication of what will be offered at NZNOG 2017 in Tauranga.

Workshop (Monday to Wednesday)

Please refer to this page

Tutorials (Wednesday)

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Conference Proper (Thursday and Friday)

Here are some details on talks that have been accepted in to the conference so far. Note, our Call for Papers has only just finished so this list will change over time.

  • Shane Alcock - Sneaking past the firewall
  • APNIC Update
  • Jonathan Brewer - state of the art satellite technologies
  • Sebastian Castro - Country-level topology map using RIPE Atlas
  • Dylan Chidgey - Smartops: Making DevOps more than a buzzword
  • Peter Ensor - UFF
  • Michael Fincham - Are we DDoS'd Yet?
  • Jay Gattuso - National Library of NZ
  • Peter Gent - Spectrum for Broadband - RSM
  • Tim Hoffman - Twitter
  • Geoff Huston - Why Dane?
  • Egor Krivosheev - Network automation with ANSIBLE
  • Matthew Luckie - Spoofer/BCP38
  • Boye Olowoyeye - SDN Southbound APIs for NetOps
  • Murray Pearson - Scaling up a WISP
  • IX updates
  • TICSA updates/information - from both the NZ Police and the GCSB
  • InternetNZ updates