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NZNOG 2019 Workshop and Tutorials

APNIC SDN Workshop - Monday 28 Jan to Wednesday 30 Jan


The emergence of SDN (Software Defined Network) has had a disruptive influence on the world of data networking, leading to a fundamental re-think of how networks are designed. This technical workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of the key technological elements of SDN via a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises.

Target audience

Technical staff currently operating an IP and/or MPLS network who are interested in understanding the impact of SDN with a view of implementing elements of SDN in the near future.


It is assumed that participants will have intermediate-level knowledge of IP routing, routing protocols, management protocols, MPLS protocols, and traffic-engineering.

Please see the following URL for more details -

Important : Please note this is a 5 day workshop condensed in to 3 days. It is likely the workshop will conclude at approximately the BGP content in the course. See above link for more details.

TICSA Workshop for Network Operators - Wednesday 30 January

A practical workshop for registered Network Operators only.

Chatham House Rules will apply -

Hosted by NZ Police, NCSC and OpenLI.

Practical information from the New Zealand Police on what is required to perform a lawful intercept in New Zealand.

Practical information from the NCSC team of the GCSB regarding the security section of TICSA.

A tutorial from OpenLI on the free and open source ETSI lawful intercept solution funded by our industry.

Network Automation Workshop - Egor Kmt - Wednesday 30 January

More details on this will be published soon.